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ISO 11170:2013.

ISO 11170:2013

Hydraulic fluid power — Sequence of tests for verifying performance characteristics of filter element, 5 pgs.

This International Standard defines a sequence of tests for verifying filter elements. It can be used to check their hydraulic, mechanical and separation characteristics.

This International Standard is not intended to qualify a filter for a particular duty or replicate conditions of service. This can only be done by a specific test protocol developed for the purpose, including actual conditions of use (e.g. the operating fluid).

The procedure in this International Standard is applicable to individual fluids or types of fluids that have similar chemistry.

ISO 11170 provides filter users with an industry-accepted test sequence for using a group of three (3) filters for more than one test to verify the product meets the manufacturer’s specification. This international standard is not intended to qualify a filter for particular duty, but to verify their hydraulic, mechanical, and separation characteristics.

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